Going to a new place can be exciting, but perhaps scary at the same time. So we want to give you an idea of what to expect when you come to Envision Church.


Where do we gather?

For our Sunday worship gathering, we meet at 1530 Old Country Rd, Suite 200, Plainview, NY (map). Make sure to choose Plainview in your map app. Look out for the signs for Take A Bow (our neighbor); we are in the same building. Our entrance is on the side of the building; look for the door with our sign. Park in any space marked “TAB.”

When you come in, feel free to hang up your outerwear. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and some snacks and make yourself comfortable.


What time and how long?

Our worship gathering begins at 10 am and lasts about an hour.


Should I dress up?

Sure, if you want to. :) Suits, dresses and shirts and ties are welcome. Jeans, tees and hoodies (what most of us wear) are equally welcome.


Is there parking?

We share a parking lot with other organizations. Park in any space marked “TAB.”


What is the gathering like?

We start every gathering by singing a few praise songs. The song lyrics are projected on a screen, so you can read or sing along.

Next, we share some announcements and collect offering. A monetary offering is something Christians freely give to fund the Lord’s work, whether it’s the local church or other ministries and/or missions.

After, we take a moment to greet one another. We want to meet and greet all of you, so some of us will go all around the room.

Then we will all settle into our seats and listen as our speaker shares a message. We welcome you to check out past messages on the SERMONS page.

After the message, we reflect and respond by praying and/or singing a song of response. You are free to pray or reflect silently.

After the song of response, the formal aspect of the gathering is over. But we would love for you to stay and spend some time chatting over coffee/tea and snacks.



On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion (also called the Lord’s Supper or the Eucharist) to remember Jesus, His life and death and what it all means for us as His followers. We do this by eating the Lord’s Supper, which consists of matza and grape juice.


Are there activities or a separate service for my children?

Yes, we invite children ages 10 and below to gather in the children’s ministry room, located on the left off of our main space. Check out Envision Kids to learn more.


What about ...?

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at admin@envisionli.org.