June 16, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: APEST

June 9, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: Mosaic

June 2, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: Life Together

May 26, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: ACCOUNTABILITY

May 19, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: Authenticity

May 12, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: Covenantal Commitment

May 5, 2019
Renovation, Church Under Construction: Love One ANother

Sermon Series: I AM

1.The Light of the World
2. The Bread of Life
3. The Gate
4. The Way, The Truth, and The Life
5. The Resurrection and Life

Sermon Series: Renovation, Character Under Consturction

1. Perpetual Obedience
2. Have no Secrets
3. Forgiveness
4. Faith Removes Our Limitation
5. Make An investment That Counts
6. The Path Of Love Is The Only Way To Go Deeper
7. Dreaming God’s Dream

Sermon Series: Wait No More

1. Our Savior is Here
2. God is With Us
3. The King is Here

Sermon Series: Stewardship

1. Stewardship Not Ownership
2. Faith Promise

Sermon Series: Breaking Bad

1. Codependency
2. Passive Aggressive Behavior
3. Self-Criticism
4. Self-Sabotage

Sermon Series: Echo

1. Move Out of Our World And Enter Another World
2. Live The Alternative
3. See Individuals And Not The Crowd
4. Practice Radical Hospitality
5. Allow The Holy Spirit To Connect The Dots
6. Bring Restoration to the Brokenness
7. Intentionally Inviting and Challenging
8. Build Our Life Around The Mission

Sermon Series: Zigzag, The Life of Moses

1. The Hands of Man Can Never Unravel God's Plan
2. Right Reasons Will Never Usurp The Right Season
3. Wounds Break Us, God Uses Them To Make Us
4. God Addresses The Predicaments of Life
5. God Gives Juse Enough, Nothing More or Less
6. God Defends Those Devoted To Him
7. The Presence of God Provides a Perfect Plan
8. The Blessings We Receive Must Be Passed On

Sermon Series: Shift, Me To We

1. Me To We With God
2. Me To We With The Church
3. Me To We With The World

Sermon Series: The Cross, From... To...

1. From Despair to Hope
2. From Wholeness to Brokenness
3. From Fear to Faith
4. From Death to Life

Sermon Series: Engage, The Kingdom Mandate

1. Engage the World
2. Being Different Makes a Difference
3. Submerge
4. Relationship Relays the Gospel
5. Truth Encounter
6. Love Encounter
7. Power Encounter

Sermon Series: And He Shall Be Called

1. Wonderful Counselor
2. Mighty God
3. Everlasting Father
4. Prince of Peace

Sermon Series: Unshackled, Joy Unleashed

1. In Prayer
2. In Crisis
3. In hope
4. In Perseverance
5. In Humility
6. In Honor
7. In Fellowship
8. In Christ
9. In Discipleship
10. In Reconciliation
11. In Presence
12. In ContentmenT

Stand-Alone Messages

1. Empower In Diversity

2. The Gospel And Racial Reconciliation

3. Freedom: Silencing The Voice of Bondage

4. Speak Good or Shhh

5. Run With Jesus

6. Joy: Delighting in God And Delighting in Others

7. Empower for More

8. Unity

9. Advance Together

Sermon Series: DNA, the Building Blocks

1. No Walls
3. Spirit-Filled
4. His/Our Mission
5. Restoration
6. E4
7. Encounter


1. Soul Garden
2. Rejected No More
3. Worth It
4. Safe and Secure
5. Family Heritage
6. Fatherless No More
7. The Perfect Picture


1. Simeon's Encounter
2. The Centurion's Encounter
3. The Sinful Woman's Encounter
4. The Blind Beggars' Encounter
5. The Adulterous Woman's Encounter
6. Zacchaeus' Encounter
7. Peter's Encounter
8. The Little Boy With Five Loaves and Two Fish
9. The Man With Many Demons' Encounter