We Value Hearing God’s Voice and Obeying God’s Word
We believe that God desires to have a relationship with us and that He still communicates His will through His Word and through His voice. We believe that it is not enough just to hear His Voice or read His word but we must also respond in faith by living in obedience to Him. (James 1:22)

We Value The Pursuit of His Presence
We believe that when God’s Presence is in our midst, life changes take place. Jesus called us to remain in Him and He will remain in us. (John 15:4)

We Value the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
We believe that the filling of the Holy Spirit is essential for the Christian life. The filling of the Holy Spirit awakens us to true intimacy with God and empowers us to accomplish His will. (Ephesians 3:16-19; Acts 1:8; Christ our Sanctifier)
We Value Healing of the Whole Person
We believe that because we live in a fallen world, brokenness is an inevitable part of life. We believe that God desires to bring healing to our brokenness. God desires to heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually. (Isaiah 53:4-6; Psalm 147:3; Christ our Healer)
We Value Authentic Relationships
We believe that at the heart of every human being is a longing for true authentic community. We believe that true authentic community can only be found when Christ followers are honest and authentic about their struggles and victories in Christ. (Acts 2:42)
We Value Redeeming the Lost
We believe that Jesus Christ came into the world to redeem the lost. We believe that Jesus has also commissioned us to redeem the lost. (Matthew 28:18-19; Mark 16:14-18; Luke 24:44-49; John20:21; Acts 1:8; Christ our Savior and Christ Our Coming King)
We Value Reproducing Disciples
We believe that as Christ followers we need to reproduce other Christ followers. (2 Timothy 2:2)